Feminism vs. Femininity 

This is the post excerpt.


Let me start off by saying that I support the feminist causes. 

1. I believe women should be able to get paid the same amount as a man for equal work.

2. Women should have control over our own bodies.

3. Women should be able to take care of themselves with or without a man. 

4. I am a strong, empowered, and independent woman. 

5. I love football more than some men. 

6. I’m successful in my career and I’ve been paying my own bills for the majority of my life. 

7. I have travelled alone more times than I haven’t. 

8. I like to wear pants but I also like to have the option to wear skirts. 

9. I love shopping at Victoria Secret for ME even if no one else will ever see the things that I buy. I shop for ME. 

10. I don’t believe in being overly promiscuous.

11. I don’t feel comfortable talking about sex to many people because frankly  I think it’s trashy. 

12. I am still hoping to find a REAL man whose name I want to take. 

13. I don’t like to cook but I can and I’m not too shabby at it. 

14. I like to clean when I have time. 

15. I like being taken out for dinner without needing my wallet. 

16. I wear my title of “mom” proudly. 

17. I love when men hold doors open and offer to carry heavy objects.

18. I appreciate men who respect women. 

19. I’m extremely ashamed to admit  any of that!

20. I like a man who is strong. If I’m in a relationship, I like the kind of guy who’s not afraid to grab my hand, pull me into him and kiss me without asking permission. 

21. I like a man who knows what he wants, and doesn’t apologize for it. 

22. I hope to everntually marry a man who will provide for me one day, out of want, not obligation. 

23. I love it when a man prefers to drive while I ride shot gun.

24. I am an extremely feminine feminist. I’m not embarrassed to say that I wear pretty bra and I shave every day (well almost) because not shaving is gross.

So there. My secret is out.