Loneliness Adrift: The Daily Post 

Loneliness is only an opportunity to cut adrift and find yourself. In solitude you’re least alone. 


Depth of darkness to descend (The Daily Post Prompt) 

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height in which you can aspire to reach. 


Weekly challenge is reflecting. I love this photo I took of the bridge at Antietam. (the American Civil War) It’s hard to believe that this peaceful, bucolic setting was the site of a terrible struggle that took place nearly 150 years ago. 

The reflection of the bridge on the water makes it appear to look as though there are large tunnel openings under the bridge instead of water. Things are not always what they appear to be. This site appears to be peaceful and serene, instead of the reality which history proves to be one of the bloodiest battles in American history. I find myself reflecting.